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How To Stop Loan Messages from Appearing on Your Phone

Most Public Sector Workers have now seen messages from loan firms as a nuisance rather than an act to serve and assist.

One can usually get repeated loan messages from different institutions calling them to come for loans at low interest rates, some propose 1% whilst others propose 0.5% which implies that once you take Ghc1, 000 loan from them you will be paying Ghc1, 010 and an interest of Ghc10 or Ghc1, 005 with an interest of Ghc5, what an interesting development, some of these interest rates are calculated per month, I'm very sure that no one will willingly give out money with such juicy options to someone if there is no hidden agenda behind it, lets be careful with juicy promises. I have advised some public sector workers severally that it will be better to get loans from their mother banks or institutions close to them rather than invisible institutions.

There are easy steps to stop these messages from popping up on your phone.

Firstly, check your phone's menu and the top, drag it down and check for an icon or option labelled "Do Not Disturb", Press and Hold It for more option to appear, after the options appear, move straight to second option labelled " SMS, MMS, and Messaging apps" click on that option. Finally, Activate the Option "From Contacts Only".

Secondly, Once you get such a message, Open it, Click on Report Spam at the Top corner if the Option Appears, once you click on the Option, messages from that contact will be blacklisted completely, finally, there are some three dots at the top right corner of the message, click on the dots and select the option labelled " Details" after clicking on tye option select "Block & Report Spam " from the following options, confirm the action by clicking on Okay, keep repeating that on any new message from a loan firm and you'll end up hanging all of them 'dead' and out of your message box.

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