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We Need Help: Our Mobile Money Business Is Collapsing Because Of E-Levy - Victims Cries For Help

The electronic levy has commence and Ghanaians are receiving update about how things are going. Many have talk about their grievances. Some lament over charges more than as it was expected. Ghanaians also claim that the system is charging amount of transactions below the 100 Ghana Cedis threshold as said my Government.

Some mobile money vendors speaking on UTV drops their sad story about how the commencement of the electronic levy is affecting their work negatively. According to one of the vendors, people are only doing withdrawal without deposit or transfer. As a result, all his money for the business got stock on the phone and he is without physical cash or money for further withdrawals.

" Since yesterday, people are only doing cash out without deposit. Today, only few people came to my shop to transact business using mobile Money. My Mobile money business is now collapsing and I do not know what I can do about it. This is very sad and we are calling for help". - Mobile Money vendor lament.

Some of the women also lament over unexpected charges when they transfer money to different networks.

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