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How to Become Financially Stable

Hard work alone without wisdom can never make you financially stable. As the saying goes, knowledge without purpose is blindness. To become stable financially, you must learn to do and undo certain things.

1. Work hard. Hard work pays - as we all know. If you want to become financially fit tomorrow, you must learn to work hard today. As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines.

2. Savings. Savings is the next thing you must do as you're working hard towards your tomorrow. A lot of people today are hard working but lack the spirit of saving. As the saying goes, cast your bread upon the waters and you shall find it after many days. If you don't save today, you'll borrow tomorrow. Learn to save at all cost if you really want to achieve financial freedom tomorrow. Save more for a wealthier future.

3. Invest. Don't solely depend on one source of income. Expand your coast. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. The great men of your day, has not made it by depending on one source of income. They do a lot of investment for which you must also learn to do same.

4. Refuse to be a salary worker. If you want to become financially stable in future, do business instead of salary work. This is very important. No billionaire has ever made it throught salary work. You must also cultivate the same habit if you want to reach the height they've attained.

5. Ask questions. The height you want to attain, some people have been there before while others are still there. Consult such people, friend them - don't be selfish. Ask them how they managed to get there. Learn from them. Make them your role models.

6. Learn to accept small beginnings. Some people always want to start from the top, but in God's wisdom, trees grow from the bottom to the top. That's where you ought to start and you should never despise small beginnings. It is a matter of time. Don't be in a haste to get rich quick. Take your time and do everything one after the other.

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