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What You Need To Do To Eradicate Poverty From Your Life

Salary Can’t Never Eradicate Poverty But Own Business Does – Reno Omokri Reveals

Poverty, they say is a disease. Poverty have shouter many people’s dreams as their plans and ideas have been swept away by this disease called ‘poverty’.

Many have let go their dreams simply because they don’t have what it takes to bring these dreams into reality. A lot of people are working so hard through day to erase poverty from their lives for many years now but the good day is yet to come.

 It’s the dream of everyone to be poverty free and financial freedom on this planet, but the fact is that, the way to this financial freedom is not found on a silver platter. However, there are ways to follow to cure poverty in our lives.

In this article, Reno Omokri has revealed what one need to stick to in order to completely eradicate poverty from one’s life. Reno is a popular Nigerian social media influencer, activist and a media personality.

In his latest post on social media advises people to set up their own businesses if indeed you want to eliminate poverty from your life.

According to Reno one monthly salary is just like a perfumes as it covers bad smells for just a period of time, and afterwards the bad smells returns again. That’s the nature of salary, and there is no way that, it can eradicate poverty in one’s life.

The socialite believes that, the only way to completely erase poverty is one own business. He explained that, it’s only business that have the capacity to cure poverty and that people should not solely depend only on salary as it’s like a medicine, it only manages poverty and can’t cure it.

The post reads, “ Salary is like perfumes. Perfumes cover bad smells, but don’t eliminate them. After a while, the bad smell will return. Salary covers poverty, but won’t cure it. After a while, it returns. Only your business has the capacity to permanently eradicate poverty.

“Salary is medicine for managing the disease of poverty. It can’t cure it. Only your own business can cure poverty. Poverty is not just about money. Time is more valuable than money. If another man controls your time, you are poor even if you earn much salary” he wrote.

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