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16 Things You Should Never Waste Your Money On

From rental car insurance, clothing fads, late payment fees, unnecessary groceries to branded products and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

1. Cell Phone Extras and Paid Apps: Most of what you can do on your cell phone, you can figure out how to do for free. This used to be the case with additional ringtones. You had a bunch of free ones, but you could subscribe to a service to get more for a fee. Did you know that your phone will still ring, even if you don’t pay for fancy ringtones?!

2. Single-Use Kitchen Appliances: Any home goods store will be packed with kitchen appliances that have only one use. These can be tempting. Sure, it’s nice to save time when peeling potatoes or whipping cream. But if the appliance only has one use, you can probably do better. Instead of wasting money on cabinet-hogging single-use appliances, look for appliances with a variety of uses.

3. Rental Car Insurance: Rental car insurance is almost always unnecessary. Your own car insurance policy should cover you, although make sure to double-check. And the credit card you use to book the rental probably offers rental car insurance.

4. Bank Fees: Bank fees can eat into your budget without you even realizing. And the worst part is that they can be taken out of your account when you don’t have much money in there. This puts your account in a negative balance, and as a result incur more fees for you.

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