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5 Common Money Blocks & How They Limit Your Mind Control Success

Money and wealth accumulation are exposed to plenty of ethical considerations and personal projections.

As a result, it's normal to have restricting views or mental money barriers about how much money you should have, how you should get it, and how you should show your riches to others.

Money and your attitude toward it might be viewed as a mirror of some of the lies you tell yourself in private.

In other words, your money views are frequently self-limiting ideas that prevent you from completely expressing yourself in your professional (and personal) life.

You can't show up because of avoidance, stress, unconsciousness, and judgments. As a result, money and your attitude toward it can be used to effect change.

And here are 4 frequent money blocking ideas or obstacles — the money lies we tell ourselves:

1. It’s Not My Responsibility

You secretly believe that someone else should be responsible for your finances. Someone other than you could be your partner, a relative, or the government.

This belief, that you are not in charge of your own financial well-being, is effectively handing over your control. It means entrusting your ability to be your own resource to an external source that isn't ultimately responsible for your financial issues.

It's a symptom of not feeling like you have what it takes to be your own source of support and power.

2. I Am Not Good Enough

This is a typical mindset: the belief in identity, or the notion that you are lacking in some way.

This is expressed in the phrase "I am not – enough." (Insert whatever you want here.) This is an indication that you have a mind story about your lack of worth — you believe you are unworthy of abundance because of a personal weakness.

It indicates a lack of self-worth. When you don't appreciate yourself, you don't get to see your worth mirrored in terms of our prosperity. “No one will value you more than you value yourself.”

3. I Am Not Good With Money

This could be due to a childhood perception that you're weak at mathematics or a poor financial decision in the past.

This belief manifests as your actions, which then manifest as your outcomes. It's the manifestation of a self-fulfilling prophesy. You are unknowingly setting yourself up for failure by investing in the belief. What should I do?

Take simple steps to increase your confidence in your abilities to manage your finances.

Make money management a conscious decision and include it into your everyday practice. Make yourself at ease with it. Get happy to cultivate your ease! Gratitude can help you overcome your fears.

4. It’s Better To Give Than To Receive

As a practitioner in the realm of health and wellness, you may be prone to over-giving. You are not alone; this is a common way of living and working. It is a prevalent misperception that receiving is "selfish," and that the only way to compensate is to give excessively.

While giving is necessary, excessive giving depletes resources. Over-giving diminishes your energy and finances, preventing you from bringing your best to the table.

"Are you asking the Universe for assistance and then rejecting the assistance?"

Receiving is more difficult than giving because it necessitates a level of vulnerability.

5. Money Or Wealth Is Bad Or Unethical

The stigma attached to riches and wealthy people is ubiquitous. Perhaps you link money accumulation with greed or a lack of ethics — taking more than your fair share at others' expense.

While having money is important, it does not automatically imply being immoral or greedy. This type of assessment reveals a thinking deficit.

You are blocking money from coming to you if you believe the wealthy are undeserving and evil. Money serves as a proxy for what you value in this way. As an exchange of value, consider charging a reasonable fee for your time and abilities. Charge a reasonable price for the service you are providing. Keep in mind that your transaction is reciprocal: you're exchanging value for value.

Make friends with money if you want to utilize hypnosis to benefit people; go out there, build a client list, and be an inspiration to others! By addressing and removing the blockages you have surrounding money and finance, you can be more completely present to your purpose and have a higher chance of growing your impact to serve others.

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