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Top Five(5) Banks In Ghana(2021)

There are a lot of Banks in Ghana which operates to customers satisfaction. Recently the bank of Ghana did a massive clean up to wipe away all the low income banks in the county. This makes all the banks in the county at the moment safe to put your cash there. Now out of these banks, there are some that have better financial position and also offer good services to customers.

Now let us look at the top five best banks in Ghana for the year 2021.

1. Ecobank

This is a private owned bank in Ghana which has served and be in existence for long. What makes them the best bank in Ghana right now. They have a lot of customers and their loan facilities are cool and a lot of people love to put their monies there for safe keeping.

2. GCB

Ghana Commercial Bank is a state owned bank which has been in existence for so long. It is the bank with most customers and the biggest bank in Ghana. It is the safest bank to save inside since it is a government owned. The only problem most customers complain about is the queue and pressure at most offices in the county. Ecobank has this covered over GCB.


This is a newly established bank in Ghana formed out of some nearly collapsed banks. It is the third best bank in the county.

4.Stanbic Bank

It is the fourth best bank in the country. Their services is cool and customers love to save in that bank. They are quick and attractive.

5.Cal Bank

This is the fifth best bank in Ghana. It has almost similar services like Stanbic Bank

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