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A Little Courtesy We Should All Learn About When Requesting For Money

It is important to appreciate that we live in a world in which from time to time, we may genuinely require help from one person or the other. How we handle such requests for help, would determine how we are attended to. Below are few things to note.

1. We need to understand that only a few people would budget their finances leaving room for an amount that would be given out to other people on basis of benevolence. This is because no matter how much you assume others earn, they have their peculiar challenges and responsibilities they meet within their families, friends, organisations, society, among others. 

2. To this end, those who are touched to help, do so out of squeezing their budgets denying themselves from undertaking some other activities. They sacrifice to get you what you ask of them. They feel good when they help, but I don’t think they feel same when it becomes a habit. 

3. Because money is hard to come by, everyone makes the needed effort to manage their funds in a way that meets their needs. Even when they happen to get a windfall, they make efforts to save for the future.

4. Understand that no amount of money you ask anyone is too small for them to meet. Just multiply what you are asking them by 10 and ask yourself, “if ten people are asking from the same person what I am asking, how much would that be, and would I have been able to afford same if I were the one?”

5. Never go seeking for help with full expectations of;

(a) the person must be able to provide me the full amount I am asking for

(b) the person must be able to provide the money for me immediately and within the time I need it. Some have to take from others and give to you depending on your specific case, and then they go back struggling to pay back what they borrowed for you which you .

6. Do not assume that the person you are seeking help from has what you are asking for and they are refusing to give to you. Making that assumption is not appropriate because people appear good in the open because they don’t carry their problems on their foreheads. 

Live to appreciate those who have been able to meet your emergencies. And live to pray for those who have not been able to, so that they can have to provide to others who may require in the future, even if it isn’t you. 

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