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Kantanka And VW to Offer Auto Loan For Teachers

Kantanka Vs. VW Auto Loan Scheme For Teachers 

Teachers Auto Scheme is loan facility for teachers own their vehicles and pay back for period years. 

Katanka Automobile is capable of manufacturing smaller cars on a large scale, and these smaller cars will come with affordable prices. 

If government grant Katanka with tax incentives, Katanka will be able to produce a large scale and employ majority of the youth. 

Kantanka Automobile to manufacturer smaller vehicles with engine capacity of 1.0 -1.8 litters. This will be less fuel consumption vehicle in the country preferably for uber. 

But Teachers opted for VW Auto Loan Scheme, VW to Manufacture Low Fuel Consumption Vehicles for teachers in the auto loan scheme policy. 

The VW Polo and VW Vento are the models been considered to be manufactured on a large scale. 

VW Vento and Polo will ideal for uber, bolt and taxi, individuals who want low fuel consumption vehicles 

In the Auto Loan Scheme, VW will partner with Calbank in the auto loan scheme. 

CalBank already have auto loan scheme for professionals, and salaried workers. 

Teachers will go for the and CalBank will pay 80% of the cost of the vehicle and Teachers pay 20% of the vehicle. 

The 80% that will be paid by CalBank will be spread for teachers to pay for a period of 5 to 7years.


By Nedved 

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )


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