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Can Money Buy Happiness?

The saying "you can't buy happiness with money" is one that we've all heard. But in actuality, we all spend money, and for the majority of us, it is a finite resource. How can we spend our hard-earned money to make us as happy as possible? Before you make your next purchase, take these psychological research's practical insights into the relationships between wealth and happiness into consideration.

Happiness is influenced by money. Query anyone who lacks it. For instance, a larger salary can enable us to live in houses in safer areas, receive better nutrition and medical care, have fulfilling jobs, and have more free time. This only functions to a certain extent, though. The positive effects of money, like purchasing your dream home, are frequently counterbalanced by the negative effects, like working longer hours or in more stressful jobs to maintain that income ..

For this , yes , money can buy you happiness , BUT FOR A CERTAIN POINT OF TIME .. According to me , this is because -

Lets make a situation, I had a childhood dream that I will spend days in Switzerland, when I grew older , I spend few days in Switzerland by spending a lot of money .. so hence I fulfilled my dream , but what about after that ?? One and only dream complete , then ? Now in this situation there are two types of people , number one , the people who make new dreams and try to catch them before their lives end , they are talented .. But majority of the people will lead a normal life again , a life without fun, without dream ... For them , Money bought happiness for a certain point of time ....

But there's also another point of view , people who believe money can buy happiness ...

We're never satisfied, which is the first simple understanding in the new science of happiness. According to psychology professor Catherine Sanderson of Amherst College, "we always assume if we just had a little bit more money, we'd be happier, but when we get there, we're not." In fact, your wants increase as your income increases. This seeming paradox has long baffled economists: the more you have, the less joy it can bring you.

Now reasons how money helps to stay happy

One . Money can erase loneliness from your life , nowadays social media has become a source of friendships and a way to keep loneliness away from life

Two. Spending money to get money has become a great process for housewives to have an income and support the family , this can be selling things through media

Three. Money can also help you to lead a healthy life ....

There are many more such points , u can add it too ...

Time to end this debate ...Money may not buy happiness but can give obvious satisfaction.. it can help to fulfill dreams and goals and overall it will provide you the recent objects you are passionate about ...but don't forget living your life happily , keep a balance between money , family and your own happiness ..

So , my only advice to you people is , don't become money obsessed or lead a money-centric life .. just chill , relax and enjoy your life like there is not tomorrow. Spend money where needed , before making useless transactions think about the children who are suffering in poverty .. this is it , just keep calm and do whatever God wants you to ( For Atheists keep calm and do whatever your own soul wants you to )



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