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Follow these tips, if you want to be financially free

Often people think financial freedom is only possible for those who are from rich family or those who have certain level of education. This is a fallacy,and we must make all wake up from it. Many of the rich men around us were from a very poor background, for instance; Dr Osei Kwame Despite, Christiana Ronaldo,etc. These tips has helped many to achieve financial freedom, and i am assured it will help you too.


Saving is the process of putting money aside for future use. Sometimes life happens, we face situations in life that we do not plan for, but thus happen and requires money to be spent on it.Thus, it is very necessary to put part of our money aside to cater for these unpredictable occurance. This is different from investment.At least 10% of your income should be set aside for that.


A percentage of our income must be invested into a project, which has the potential of adding more to the money you invested. The money we earn should not always be from the work we do on daily basis, we must not always work for me, we should also make our money work for us. This will help us gain much money over a period of time. At least 10% of every money we earn must be invested.


Money is a commodity which , we can never have enough. The wants of man are insatiable, which is not equivalent to the money we gain.Therefore we must have a budget which will guide us in our spending. The truth is if you do not control money, money will control you. Creating a budget on your spending, helps one to save and invest.


Knowledge they say is power.Thus, if you want to be financially free, you must get power in the area of finances.The only way to get power in this field is to acquire more knowledge.Read books, listen to messages on finances and also pay your tithes.

Follow these tips overtime and you will surely attain financial. Whatever you find yourself doing ,do it with all your heart .Be guided always by patience.

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Christiana Ronaldo Osei Kwame


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