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See how to trace wrong transaction to get back your money and request your statement

Mobile networks today especially MTN allows users to tranfers money from one network to another network through Mtn Sim card. All our activities we use to do on the Mtn sim like phone call, SMS, momo transactions and other activities. Because of the fraudulent activities which is increasing nowadys, I wanted to thrown a light on how to request all your transaction you do on your momo account and how to call mtn to hold the peraon account and return back your money about the wrong transaction you made.

Some dupe my sister and luck we follows the process of getting back the money so I wanted to share with you.

MTN Mobile Money statement is very important in so many cases and visiting the MTN Service center for it can be a very cumbersome task.

This Mobile money statement comes in different types. A mini statement that shows only your last ten transactions with just little details and the statement itself which will show all transactions within a specified date range, including all details about the transactions. You can request for up to three years old statement.

To do this, the following are the processes

1. Dial *170# and send

2. On the pop up menu, chose option 6 and send.

3. Chose option 5 and send. From there you see "statement request, My Agent or Merchant statement and Mini statement.

The request statement gives you full 3 years transactions will all the details, by providing your email to be send through there.

The My Agent or Merchant is for agent lines and the Mini statement only gives you few details of your ten days transaction you have made. So for immediate report you can chose the mini statement.

In case you don't know the person detail about the wrong transaction you have made requesting that will give you more information to immediately call MTN office on toll free 100 or 0244300000 and report to them to return back your money within 3 -15 working days.

Please you can share with other thank you.

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