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A Teacher cannot be a Millionaire is the truth that is not told. Did Akufo Addo goof?

There is no doubt, that, it will take an extraordinary circumstance for a standard teacher, especially those who working in our part of the world to become a Millionaire. That fact is undisputed, and the President pointing to this was only stating the obvious. 

Globally, the most common definition of a millionaire is a person or a married couple whose net worth is greater than $1 million United States Dollars USD. Let us use this standard to our local situation and say, for a Ghanaian, the net worth is 1 million Ghana cedis (Ghc). 

A person's net worth is like a summary of the total financial value of their balance sheet. Net worth takes the appraised value of all non-liquid assets into account. This concept represents a person's assets minus their liabilities. In other words, net worth is what they own minus what they owe.

This being the benchmark, a standard teacher in Ghana cannot be a Millionaire, as said by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. 

However, the statement which was told to the teachers in their faces, by no less a person than the head of government and their employer, makes this particular 'truth' distasteful. It is a huge demotivating factor that must not be spoken to any worker. 

By this, the President is pricking the conscience of these teachers, literally telling them to find another job, Perhaps, a better way of earning a good living. As people who believe in God and his grace, we know that, to becoming satisfied in love and live well, the first thing to do is to be content. 

Contentment is what many workers in Ghana, who are earning very little like the teacher, are using to stay on the job. Speaking to them in this manner gives them the wrong impression that they are not appreciated. In the same vein, lose talks like these brings the teacher-politician comparisons, and most of the sentimental utterances against the political class. A fight they (Politicians) never won. 

The worse part of this comment is the signals this sends to potential Teachers. Students in our various educational training colleges, hoping to come out as teachers, have, by this statement, been condemned to a perpetual hand to mouth job. 

The President ought to watch these aspects of communicating to his employees. He knows better. The teachers are not happy, and this is bad for the future generations.

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