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Don’t link your Ghana cards to your bank account via social media link – BoG warns

The Head of Financial Stability at the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Joseph France, has cautioned the overall population against connecting their Ghana cards to their financial balances through joins sent using web-based entertainment.

As per him, no bank has put it out there that clients can connect their Ghana cards and ledgers from a distance.

He expressed that this might be the exercises of fraudsters phishing for your record subtleties.

Talking on JoyNews' PM Express Business Edition, he expressed that all linkages of Ghana cards to financial balances should be finished in the financial corridor where the biometric information of the client will likewise be gathered for confirmation.

We additionally saw via virtual entertainment that there are individuals out there who are saying that people should connect their Ghana card to their record through certain connections, etc. I think we need to say at this very moment that no bank has put it out there that you ought to connect your financial balance to your ledger from a distance.

"You fundamentally should go to the bank to do either your facial or biometric to interface your record. You must be exceptionally cautious since fraudsters can take advantage of that. Aside from getting your Ghana card, the bank should confirm whether your Ghana card is veritable and to that end your biometrics and afterward your facial are vital and for that reason, your presence is required.

"Thus we shouldn't give room so we can have fraudsters likewise coming in changing out and exploiting the framework. Since you'll always be unable to realize who has put that connection out there," he said, on June 30.

Contributing, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Association of Bankers, John Awuah, expressed that would it be advisable for anyone anybody get such a connection, they would need to confirm with their banks first certainly assuming that the connection sent is to be sure from the bank or not.

He further forewarned that connections that request you input exceptionally key qualifications like passwords and PINs are false and be stayed away from.

"Likewise the point that must be made is that no bank assuming it's doing distant check or refresh will at any point ask you for your secret phrase, or your PIN, or for a certification that empowers you to sign in to the framework safely. No bank will ask you," he said.

In the meantime, beginning July 1 all people who have neglected to connect their Ghana Cards to their ledgers will not be able to pull out assets from their records till they do as such.

They would, nonetheless, have the option to keep storing assets in their records till the linkage is finished.

Ghanaians that live external the nation and conciliatory missions then again will want to utilize their international IDs to get to their records.

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