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See What Man Did To Rat That Has Been Terrorizing His Home When He Finally Caught It

A Taiwanese man went archaic on a rat by binding him and fastening as a discipline for attacking his home 

Rodent rebuffed. Pic/Twitter 

A Taiwanese man went archaic on a rodent by binding him and fastening as a discipline for attacking his home. 

Lee Wei-jaw shared an image of the rat locked up custom-made contraception with an inscription, "I finally caught you." 

The photographs indicated the helpless rodent with its head and both front legs secured in the stocks thus solid was it that it bolted away the creature's head and arms so it couldn't escape. 

In any case, some online media users communicated compassion toward the hairy animal, with one stating "Execute it or let it go," as indicated by The Mirror. 

The perpetrator later said that he released the rat.

One Mr Parrazeli Lee Commented; Animals are "dumb." They don't know the difference between right and wrong. Punishing them will do nothing but create resentment and confusion. Cruelty is when you punish/harm anything, and you do it for the glee of doing it, or out of your own laziness.

Training is another, whole different matter. The human intellect is supposed to be higher than the "dumb" animals. It's incumbent on humans to rise above the "dumb" animal stage, and teach/train our animals' behavior. The better the teacher, the better behaved is the animal.

If you are not able to be smarter than the animal, you shouldn't be in the company of the "dumb" animal. If you hit your dog, expect it to bite back.

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