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Ever wondered why lions don't eat hyenas, even after killing them? Here are the reasons

Have you ever wondered why lions don't eat hyenas, even after killing them? This article is going to give you an answer to that question and also an insight on the wonderful creature known as the "Lion".

Lions are often referred to as the "King of the Jungle" not just because of their fearless nature, but their braveness. However, the hyenas don't see the Lions as their king and they always tend to challenge the Lions.

The competition between these two predators are very normal and natural. The hyenas always find an opportunity to prey on the lion and attack its cub.

See photos of a group of hyenas hunting together

From what I have just explained above, it seems to be the main reason why the Lions hate seeing the hyenas around. Whenever it does, what comes to the mind of the lion is to kill the hyena.

The picture below shows the moment when a Male Lion stepped in to scare away the hyenas

I have watched and read about cases where lions don't eat hyenas after killing them. They just leave the carcasses for vultures to feed on them. I decided to go into more research and I found out some reasons.

Ever wondered why lions don't eat hyenas, even after killing them? Here are the reasons

1. Lions actually kill hyenas just to reduce their population, and not for food

Hyenas pose a serious threat to Lions that's why they kill them in order to reduce their population. They are known to actively hunt the female lions and Cubs.

Hyenas are professionals when it comes to hunting smaller animals

The picture below shows a group of hyenas chasing a lioness

The male lions are able to scare hyenas away while the female lions cannot. That is the more reason why the male lions kill the hyenas. It is just to protect their territory order than see them as a source of food.

In that case, the lesser the population of the hyenas, the safer the Cubs and Lioness.

2. Hyenas don't taste good

They go about hunting in order to fend for themselves, that is why they kill any animal they see in order to satisfy their hunger.

From my research, the hyenas don't even kill themselves because they cannot eat their own flesh due to its bad taste. That is also the same reason why Lions don't eat them even after killing them.

The photo below shows a hungry male hyena

Hyenas smell and taste bad, that's also why their predators don't eat them.

The images I'll be displaying below, shows the moment a lion paralyzed a hyena and refused to eat it.

Also research has shown that lions would rather starve during famine than eat the flesh of a hyena. Reason being that it tastes bad, smells, and lacks nutrients.

I hope you have learnt something today? 

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