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This is why you should not kill snake lizards, They have these benefits you probably don't know.

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Snake lizards are one of the common reptiles we usually see day-in-day-out. They are usually identified as as snake lizards as they seem scary and poisonous and have the resemblance of snakes. However, the name of this creature is not snake Lizard, they are actually called "Skinks".

I guess many of you would have met this creature at one place or the other. Ok, If you were like the little me that was afraid of this creature, then don't think about it anymore. When I was a kid, the snake lizard was among the scariest things I had ever seen. When I saw one of these in my garden, I kept running. That's because I felt it was a dangerous creature for humans. I figured it carried toxic chemicals as well too. I was wrong, though.

These creatures are just so harmless, but most people would consider it to always be dangerous. Below are some facts of skinks you probably don't know.

Snake lizards (skinks) are not snakes, first and foremost. Skinks have been able to kill baby snakes. You didn't realize this, right? There seem to be fewer chances of snakes still in an environment while these creatures are always in that environment.

Furthermore, Skinks are not at all harmful. They can bite, but yet their bites can do no harm of any kind.

Moreover, Skinks are very nice reptile pets. This is because they can assist in the killing of domestic insects at home.

See some photos of skinks below:

In a nut shell, It would be awesome if you had this fantastic reptile right at home. Did you know that skinks have no disease in their body, which means that you'll never contact some sort of infection if you were to handle them and play with them.

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