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Tell Your Friends You are A Genius If You Find The Hidden Animal In This Image

Camouflage is one of the best weapons in nature . Animals that have this tool use it to blend in with the environment and "disappear" before our very eyes.

The goal of becoming invisible can be very different depending on the species that uses it. Some animals use it to flee, while others use it to hunt . Snakes often take advantage of their camouflage to avoid being detected when attacking their prey.

Their level reaches such extremes that even having them a few meters away we would not be able to discover them. Snake expert Helen has uploaded a photo to twitter that tests the sharpness of our eyes when it comes to snakes .

Can you find the snake in this picture?

This photograph posted in a Reddit forum. The poster said there is an Agkistrodon contortrix in it , better known as a copperhead snake . This species is poisonous and stepping on it would be an unpleasant experience for the unwary who does. Can you find the reptile? We already warn you that it is not easy, but at the end of the article we will tell you where it is.

A little lower.


Yes, it is difficult to see it even when we already know where it is. Helen insists that this is proof that we must take a good look at where we step when we find ourselves walking through an area where we know poisonous snakes can live.

A test of the surprising and at the same time dangerous that our beloved nature can be.

Did you find the camouflaged snake? Leave your answer in the comments below. Let's have fun!

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