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8 Most Expensive Animals In The World. The Price Tag Is Unbelievable.

 Most expensive animals in the world

 The jet-black Ayam chicken

The jet-black Ayam chicken is popularly known as the “Lamborghini of Poultry” is sold at $2,500. this unique chicken breed is common in Florida.

Deveronvale Perfection

most expensive animal in the world

The price tag of this lamb was $231,000 in 2009. this lamb was bred by the transfer of embryo from prestigious parents.

Arabian horse

most expensive animal in the worldsource:

The cost of the Arabian horse is approximately $100,000. it is a royal breed that originated from Arabian Peninsula. It is the oldest horse.

Lavender Albino Ball python

These ball-liked colored pythons cost approximately $40,000. This breed is very rare and it as a result of recessive genes. it has yellow markings on its body and red-eye. They are kept as pets by people who purchase them.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff worth approximately $582,000 that is half a million dollars. It is the world’s largest dog that looks like a lion. They are kept as a pet, home protector, or guard dogs. This breed a very strong and are capable of fighting with tigers. They come in a variety of colors like brown, black, white, and red.

Miss missy

miss missysource:

The Holstein breed of cow cost about $1,200,000. It produces about 50% more milk than the average cow.

Green Monkey horse

green monkey horsesource: www.

The muscular green monkey horse costs approximately $16,000,000. It is the most expensive animal in the world. It has “monkey” as its name but its a horse. Reports from CNBC shows that he used 9.8 sec to cover 8 miles. Unfortunately, it was injured after the race and couldn’t run anymore.

De Brazza’s Monkey

de Brazza monkey

De Brazza’s Monkey cost up to $10,000, is the oldest monkey. They have a maximum life span of about 30years. It is very good at hiding. This breed on monkeys is found in Africa.

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