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FICTION: Wise Monkey and Foolish Crocodile - Part 1.

Crocodile and Monkey were very good friends. They did many things in common. Monkey lived in trees while Crocodile lived in a river. Crocodile liked wild fruits and Monkey plucked them in abundance for Crocodile. Fresh water mud fish was what Monkey liked as a delicacy. His friend Crocodile caught mud fish from the river and gave them to Monkey.

Crocodile could only clamber short trees. He could not visit the home of Monkey. Monkey was a very poor swimmer and could not visit Crocodile, his wife or children. They could meet on the banks of the river. That was where they exchanged gifts and played the game of hide-and-seek.

One day, Crocodile's wife fell sick. Crocodile tried his best to cure her of the sickness. He travelled far and wide to seek medical help for his wife but all to no avail. He heard of Alligator, a very astute herbalist who had cured many animals of their diseases. Crocodile went for Alligator to come and cure his wife.

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