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FICTION: Wise Monkey and Foolish Crocodile - Part 2.

Alligator carefully diagnosed her. He carefully examined her blood and stool. He concluded that he would need the heart of Monkey to mix with other herbs to cure her. Crocodile thought of a plan to trick Monkey to visit him. He would then murder him and collect his heart.

He went to their usual meeting place with a lot of mud fish. Crocodile said, "Monkey, do you know that you are a bad friend? You have not bothered to visit my sick wife". Monkey answered, "you know that I cannot swim. I will drown if I attempt to swim". Crocodile said; "don't worry, sit on my back and I will take you to my home. I will safely bring you back.".

Monkey sat on the back of Crocodile. In the middle of the river, Crocodile asked Monkey to say his last prayers. He was going to use his heart to prepare a concoction to cure his wife. Monkey did did not pray, instead he said "oh my good friend Crocodile. We Monkeys do not travel with our hearts. We only use our hearts when we are attending a wedding party. Most of us leave them in the trees. As I sit on you here, my heart is in the tree. You must take me back at once for me to bring you my heart to cure your loving wife".

Crocodile quickly turned and sent Monkey to the bank of the river. Monkey quickly climbed the nearest tree and said, "Crocodile, I never knew you were very stupid. In fact, you're a big fool. Have you heard of any animal leaving its heart at home? Go away, you idiot". Crocodile realized his foolishness. He sadly went home. His wife died a few days later. That was the end of the friendship between Crocodile and Monkey.

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