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5 Pictures You Need To Take A Close Look Before Passing Judgement. [Illusion]

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In this very article i have gathered some photos that are very confusing and you will need to look at it twice before you understand the image is talking about.

1.Looks like he peed on himself

In this picture you can see It looks like he has urinated on himself, but its just the reflect of the chairs on the glass pulpit.

2.The scared switch

You can see the switches are looking like they are scared and watching out for who is going to turn them off or on.

3.Knees in the pool

Looking at this picture for the first time will make you think that's the boobs of the woman but those are her knees close to her chest.

4.Giant Bird

Perspective can make you think in different direction. Its just the bird on a wall close to the camera while the man is far walking.

5.The Dog passenger

How can a human have the head of a dog? Any way that's a human and its dog but the human is picking something from the other seat making it look like he has a dog head.

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