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How is this possible: A dog with only two legs make waves on social media. (Video)

Dogs are pets that are loved by all. A video involving a dog walking on only two legs surface on social media. Dogs are naturally born with four legs so it's surprising to see a dog without his back legs.

Domestic dogs display an extraordinary level of phenotypic diversity in morphology and behavior. Furthermore, due to breeding practices introduced during the nineteenth century, these phenotypic traits have become relatively ‘fixed’ within breeds, allowing biologists to obtain unique insights regarding the genetic bases of behavioral diversity, and the effects of domestication and artificial selection on temperament.

Despite much speculation and an ongoing supply of somewhat contradictory molecular and archaeological discoveries, it is still not known precisely where or when the dog (Canis familiaris) was first domesticated. Based on available evidence, it seems likely that domestication had occurred by around 15,000 years ago, but it remains unclear where it happened and whether it was a single, isolated event or the result of multiple domestications in different parts of Europe and Asia.

Source: Instagram

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