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Do Not Feed Your Dog This- It Will Kill Them

We as living organisms have certain things that could affect our system drastically when ingested, a worst case scenario would mean the loss of our dear lives. As such, there's the need to have adequate knowledge about we ought to consume and what not to. For humans, the risk is quite low as compared to animals. They are more vulnerable to attacks of this nature as they are not capable of really detecting what the outcome of certain actions might be. This article of mine is directed to a certain product which when fed dogs would make them end up losing their lives. You should know this today that feeding chocolate to your dog will kill it_ chocolate is known to contain "theobromine" which affects the dog's heart and nervous system. There's very little awareness of this fact out there, and given the situation where dog owners tend to give some of whatever they might be eating at a particular time to their pets, these helpless animals happen to mostly be in peril. Don't keep this to yourself dear avid reader, tell a friend to tell a friend.

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