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Funny pictures you didn't know about

Here is a place of nerdy and clean funny things that pop up on Pinterest /humorous/clean humor and all other platforms.

There is a new trend among dog owners. Its even gaining some tractions among viral instagram trends

This is a guy who jumped into the sky because of his happiness to the beginning of a new year. The dog thinking its one of the meat trowm to it also jumped and guess what,it ended in tears.

Can't imagine having a pointed nose like this and taking a selfie with it.Aaaaaah it's showing all dimensions of its face as if it was a pencil drawing.

How can a squirrel stop a fight between two carnivorial animals. Aaah well funny indeed. Maybe they are friends from different countries. 😂

This next is longer than that of a giraffes. Maybe you might think I'm just making it funny. Take a rule and measure it to know its actual length and compare it to that of a grandfather giraffe.

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