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Some Politicians Only Exhibits Dog Humility To Us The Citizens- Lydia Forson Tells

A lot of Ghanaians have already shown their dissatisfaction with the people in power and have shared a lot of reactions with them, some believe the attitude they show up for the citizens when they are in opposition is just the opposite when they get in power and it's affecting the lives of the people.

Popular Ghanaian socialite Lydia Forson has shared her ideas on this view and claims the people in power only show Ghanaians their dog humility when they are in the opposition stage

She says during such periods, they agree with whatever one says because they have no power to oppose it. She reached this conclusion when some politicians sided with her posts on social media when some individuals some years ago never agreed with her on anything.

Some politicians even go ahead in surprising citizens in their homes by paying them visits and even one went ahead in pounding 'fufu' for a citizen in the name of gaining power but after power is given into their hands they turn to play death ears to the needs of the citizens.

Lydia Forson’s post read “Politicians are so humble in opposition. The way they’re nice, encouraging and agree with everything you say eh. Dog humility nkoaaaa”.

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