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The Man Who Spent Millions Of Money Just To Look Like A Dog - See Pictures.

Have you ever said to yourself, "Man, I wish I was a dog," when you observe your dog's seemingly carefree life? After all, a life of belly rubs and backyard poopin' without paying taxes seems to be a pretty decent deal.

Of course, those fantasies are still just that... aren't they? Spot—a.k.a. Tom Peters to his human companions—doesn't think so. The 32-year-old puts on a collar and a bodysuit and runs around on all fours on a leash to get away from the pressures of life.

So, how are things for the world's dog owners? Let's just say it's a little naughty...

Tom Peters, a young and attractive man who once dreamed of being a dog, has finally realized his ambition.

According to reports, Tom Peters has dressed up as a dog since he was a boy.

Tom Peters, 32, wanted to spend the remainder of his days on earth as a dog and invested millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery to achieve the physique of a dog. Tom went above and beyond in selling his assets in order to pay for his plastic surgery.

Is this some kind of madness or what?



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Tom Peters


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