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This is why you should never leave your slippers outside at night

Just as we have the physical world so do we have the spiritual world which is totally different and will take third eye to see and as such we must keep our things safe and sound at all times.

Let us look at the reasons we should always take our slippers inside the room at at least in the veranda at night before going to bed.

1.A CHARM CAN BE PLACED ON IT : It is not everyone who loves you in this world you may have enemies living with you but you won’t know.

The easiest way for someone to cast a spell or juju onto you is through your carelessly left slippers while you sleep so please endeavor to take them with you.

2.IT CAN BE STOLEN : Slippers are becoming costly nowadays since we are moving from the rubber types to that of the leathers and it will be very painful to leave your slippers to bed only to not find it the next day.

Even though they’re not much costly but at least let us be financially serious and not careless place things around for thieves to pick them up.

3.YOUR PETS MAY DESTROY THEM: Pets such as puppies and dogs and sometimes cats love to play around with their master’s slippers whenever they’re not around.

Leaving your slippers outside and going to bed may just give them the chance to do justice to them and at the end of the day you’ll need to have them replace which will be an extra cost onto you.

4.SOMEONE MIGHT EXCHANGE YOU : A lot of people are also on the look to exchange their old and worn out slippers to get new or slightly used ones.

These acts your usually practiced in compound houses by tenants hence we should endeavor to take our slippers with us to bed.

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