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Northern Myths: What it Means when a Dog Chases You in a Dream

A dog is noted to be a very friendly Mammal in most Northern Homes in Ghana.

Most people within the 5 Regions in the North of Ghana have dogs and some use them as security to protect and inform themselves of developments to occur.

Dogs are known to bark at people they don't know or people they see unusual things in, things like one being possessed by a demon, When a dog makes noise like "wooooooooooooo wooooo" whilst directing its mouth to the sky, it means there is a soul it has seen loitering around the environment, it sometimes implies that someone is about to die.

There is also another thing one has to note when he or she sees a dog chasing him in a dream.

It has some implications:

1.On a very serious note it means you are being attacked or possessed by the spirit of sexual lust.

This means that a sexual demon is within you which pushes you into unwanted or unplanned sex, this demon is within you purposely to reduce you to nothing, imagine spending on sex always. Such demons get into you through sleeping with people you know nothing about, most especially people in Big cities, Schools such is Universities. Most Demons are found in Mountain areas and in Fair People.

2.To see dogs in your dreams depicts two things. Firstly, If it is playing with you, its good news, meaning some very good friends are coming your way with great help for joy. Secondly, if it chasing you or bites you then be very careful because there is a serious plot against your life.Either from internally or externally.

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