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Meet the biggest dog in the world

Dogs are man's best friend loved by humans mostly. Apart from dogs, I've not seen an animal humans loves and plays with in Ghana here. They are adorable and playfully that's why many people love it but some are extremely wild and aggressive.

But despite all facts they are lovely creatures. However, some dogs are extremely huge to the extent that your jaw might drop when you see it.

Meet the biggest dog in the world called Blackie. See its picture below:

Have you very seen such huge animal before? It is very big and is recognised as the world's biggest dog. When it was born, it looking like any other normal dog.

But after 2-3 weeks its size was changing, it was huge like an adult dog but it was just about 3 weeks old. When it stands up, its tall than the height of a human.

The owner bought two black dogs and it gave birth to several puppies but this was the biggest among it. It is feared by many by it us very friendly and playful.

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