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Why You Should Not Allow Your Dog To Lick Your Face - Be careful

Why You Should Not Allow Your Dog To Lick Your Face

Dogs love licking, but have ever wondered why they do that?

The acts of dogs licking at their packs, themselves, their owners and other things have many reasons.

For instance, when a dog lick on your wounds it speeds the healing process. This is because their saliva is known to contain certain types of anti-bacteria enzymes which combat bacteria thereby helping your wounds to heal faster.

Dogs also lick for affection, as a way of communication and when they are frightened or bored. However, this fun activity has been discovered to cause health problems for dog owners - 

especially when you allow it to lick your face.

Why You Should Not Allow Your Dog To Lick Your Face   

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In reality, the act is safe that is when dog saliva comes in contact with our skin. However, there is a degree of concern when the saliva gets contact with our mouth, eye or nose - 

thus the face.

Recall in earlier paragraphs that a dog’s mouth is entangled with bacteria like the zoonotic bacteria. A bacterium which according to research causes gastric or stomach problems in humans.

To Prevent The Infection;

Why Does My Dog Lick My Face? | The Reasons Behind Dog Kisses | Furbo Dog  Camera

Business Insider recommends keeping your pet in a clean environment and maintaining proper parasite prevention.

To be on the safe side, Business insider also recommends washing your hands after touching your pet and avoid being licked on the face.

“The next time your dog is trying to lick your face, think about where its mouths have been” – Business insider.

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