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7 Funny Photos You Have To Look Twice Before Understanding The Scenario - What do You See?

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Have you ever jumped to a conclusion on something without taking a second sight?

Well, today I share with you eight – 8 funny photos that you really need to look at it several times before understanding the actual scenario of the photo.

Are you ready? Then let’s set the ball rolling.

1. Is that her backside?

Oh no! Is not what you are thinking. After I carefully observed the photo, I realized she carries with her something she might probably buy from the market. Have a second look.

2. Dragon dog

Have you ever heard of dragon dog before? Of course no. A second look made me realized it is the flame of the fire but not the fire coming from the dog mouth.

3. Mr. magazine

The picture wears the body of a woman and the face of a man. Looks weird right? It is rather a woman who has covered her face with a magazine.

4. 3 legged girl

Is she having three legs? Look at it well, you will realize she is holding a vase or something like that.

5. Giant bird

I was like is this a bird? After observing it, I realize is just a bird standing at a distance. That was a great shot.

6. Big backside girl

I know what you are thinking of but is not that. Look closely. For this one, you have to tell me because I don’t even understand the scenario myself. So leave your comment and let’s see if you have a good sight.

7. Just the bobby

Is that her front package? I think is her knees or what do you think?

Let’s hear from you.

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“Photos used for illustrative purposes only”

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