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Israel is the first country to prohibit the selling of animal fur.

Israel became the world's first country to outlaw the selling of animal fur. PETA, an animal rights organization, hailed the historic prohibition as a success when Israel's Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel signed it into law, despite the fact that 86 percent of the population backed the idea.

"For decades, PETA and our worldwide affiliates have uncovered appalling cruelty on fur farms, proving that animals spend their whole lives confined to tiny, filthy wire cages," according to the statement.

For some exclusions, such as "religion, religious tradition, scientific study, education, or teaching," the fur trade is still legal. Regardless, Israel has made significant progress in the fight against fur for fashion, a sector that sees over 100 million animals raised or murdered for their fur each year.

Humane Society International/UK executive director Claire Bass stated: "This is a truly historic day for animal rights, as Israel has become the first country in the world to prohibit the sale of fur fashion. Even with the exemption for traditional dress, without which this ban would have been unlikely to succeed, Israel's fur ban will save the lives of millions of animals suffering on fur farms or languishing in cruel traps all over the world, and it sends a clear message that fur is unethical, unnecessary, and out of date ".

Fur attitudes have shifted dramatically in recent years, with more and more fashion designers, like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Burberry, Versace, and Armani, adopting fur-free practices, and the majority of UK high street retailers openly declaring their fur-free status.

In the United States, California became the first state to prohibit the sale of fur in 2019, following similar prohibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and West Hollywood. Fur sales ban proposals were introduced by legislators in Hawaii and Rhode Island in 2020, as well as communities in Minnesota and Massachusetts.

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