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' See what a dog did to its owner's grave that is causing a stir on social media

Dogs have been considered a treasured part of the human family. In fact, dogs have been man's best friend for over a decade.

Intelligence varies depending on the kind of breed you get, but overall, dogs are some of the most intuitive animals around.

A dog mourns his master by spending many days lying on his grave, a video of a dog on the graveside of his master has gone viral on social media.

According to people and deceased's family who saw the dog on the graveyard, said the dog and owner had a close relationship comparable to that of a fraternity or a father and son. 

The dog's owner passed away from illness. It's a sad fact of life that everything nice has to come to an end.

The Dog owner and it's dog have now been together for seven years, according to family members of the dog's owner and they had close relationship.

they won’t forget the connection they share with you, and, if you are good to them, you will leave a lasting impact on them that they’ll never shake off. 

dogs use their noses to smell the person in the grave rather than the grave itself. This means that they may not notice graves of people they do not know. Do you believe human and dog & pet can ever have such close relationship.

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