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Tigers In Ghana: The Two Main Reasons Cheddar's Tigers Must Not Be Allowed In Ghana As Pets

Pets or companion animals; according to expert's definition, are animals that are kept primarily for a person's company, or entertainment rather than as a working animal, livestock, or a laboratory animal.

There are many animals today, that are safe to be used as pets around the world today. Some of these animals includes; Rabbits, Cats, Small dogs, Small birds, Fishes, Turtles and many more.

There are also some animals that can be extremely dangerous to be tamed, and used as pets. Examples of such animals are the Hippopotamuses, the Lions and the Tigers.

Talking about dangerous pets, every country in the world has its own laws that regulates the keeping of wild animals at home, as pet, and Ghana is no exception.

Currently under discussion in Ghana, and on social media, is the big issue; 'is it safe to keep Cheddar's Tigers in our homes as pet', and how safe is that?

Where as some think it is safe to keep Cheddar's Tigers in our homes as pet, and that nothing is wrong with it; the majority also believe it is very risky, because Tigers are simply tigers, and are very dangerous to live with.

This topic hit the media, following the news, that a Ghanaian businessman, Mr. Freedom Jacob Caesar, has been keeping two tigers at his residence, at Wonda World Estates.

Concerning the Cheddar's tigers, some residents of Wonda World Estates, Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, has expressed fear in the presence of the animals in the neighborhood.

In my findings, there are two reasons why these Cheddar's tigers must not be allowed to be kept at home as pets.

The first reason is the law; Section 6B (1) of Legislative Instrument (L.I 1452), on Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Regulations, 1989, has clearly outlined what one has to do, before keeping a wild animal around as a pet.

According to the laws, “6B (1) No person shall keep a wild animal as a pet, unless he is the holder of a license issued by the Chief Game, and Wildlife Officer; or his representative for that purpose”.

The law again stated that, “Application for license to keep a wild animal as a pet shall be made in writing to the Chief Game and Wildlife Officer or his representative in the area of residence of the applicant, accompanied by such fees as may be determined by the Chief Game and Wildlife Officer”.

To be able to keep any of these wild animals around as pets, the law also warned that, "The Chief Game and Wildlife Officer may in granting a licence, under this section stipulate the conditions under which the wild animal shall be kept".

All these laws and rules gathers to only one fact...wild animals are wild animal; they are simply not safe to live around with, because they are naturally dangerous to humans. a little mistake from the owners or keepers of these animals, could be life threatening.

The second reason why the Cheddar's Tigers must not be allowed to be kept as pet in Ghana is because tigers are still tigers; no matter which type of Tigers, or are how well they are tamed and trained...they are still tigers and could mistakenly harm others.

To survive, Tigers are known to eat anything that is called meat. The can even eat house animals like the dog, fowls, cats, etc, if that is all that is available.

Some experts on Tiger Behavior and Temperament, again revealed that, even the play bites from these tigers, can cause serious damage, and potentially kill their owners, or other people nearby. Tigers are large, strong, and dangerous cats. They must not be allowed to live around us as pets.

Do you support the idea, that tigers should be allowed to be kept around us as pets?

Please share your views in the comment box below.

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