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Throwback: Pictures shot seconds before a disaster happened

This article is centered on when pictures were taken seconds before an unfortunate incident happened. No one knows what the future holds, they were smiling a moment ago and in the next, a different story had to be told.

I made a compilation of such pictures. Take a look through them

1. If only he knew what was about striking him.

2. Ma'am, there's a crocodile behind you

3. I'm sorry, there's nothing you can do about this.

4. At this point, you just hope you don't sustain an injury because no matter what, you will fall

5. Sorry

6. You look at this picture and certainly know the end will not be good. His face even says it all

7. This dog is stubborn

8. This will hurt

9. This picture is heartbreaking. I'm wondering what was running through his mind at that point

10. Oh no!!!

11. Sorry bro

12. It takes a lot to become a footballer

13. This will hurt

14. That pain!!!

15. Her face says it all

16. This is certainly going to end in tears

17. This is serious. See how she's up in the air. This won't end well

18. Unlike the previous picture, this guy will end up on this road.

19. It do be like that sometimes

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