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Ladies And Gent: This Grandpa Shows His Son How To Bathe A Baby By Using A Cat As An Example(PICS).

This Vietnamese grandpa-to-be came up with the perfect tutorial on how to bathe a newborn. Such a great plan and tutorials for newbies in child care.

Parents bear a responsibility to teach their children many important life lessons, starting with the simplest ones, such as how to tie your shoes or how to fry an egg, to those that are a bit trickier—how to accept love, treat people with kindness, stay true to yourself, and many more. Apparently, sometimes these lessons also include teaching your offspring how to bathe a newborn baby. And using a cat for said demonstration. Am so proud of the father. What do you think about the demonstration?

This Vietnamese grandpa went viral on the interwebs for coming up with the most genius and adorable way to teach his son how to bathe a newborn baby. His son Vinh Quang Phạm uploaded a video on Facebook capturing his dad demonstrating the whole process, though instead of a real baby, he’s pretending to bathe a cat. What pet or animal will you use if you are the one?

In the pictures, you can see the dad showing the whole process to his son which explains all the steps along the way. Surprisingly, the cat seems to be extremely relaxed throughout the whole picture, what a lovely pet. It almost looks as if it understands its part in this demonstration.

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