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Five Animals You Should Keep As Pets If You Want To protect Yourself From Witches And Evil Spirits

Animals play a vital role in the upkeeping of the environment. Many people hate the keeping of animals because of the kind of living these animals live and that's a big bonus for the enemy's attack. Animals have a lot of spiritual benefits as we consider plants to be spiritually beneficial.

Today I shall highlight five animals that have a high concentration of spiritual possession and can stop evil no matter the power the evil spirit possesses. The following animals have spiritual eyes and the ability to stop the power of evil;

  • Cats: Cats have very sensitive hearing and smell of evil. In the nights, cats can activate their eyes to see whatever is coming forth and after. They quickly solve the problem before it reaches its master. They have a good luck charm to keep you going.
  • Monkeys: The next animal to talk about is the monkey. Monkeys have a unique and concentrated amount of energies that keep away evil. They easily respond to external forces and evaluate the amount of damage they can bring upon you and eradicates it. They are truly friends of man.
  • Dogs:The next on the list is a dog. I guess most of you knew I would mention a dog. The dog is considered a mans best friend. They are loyal, overprotective and compassionate creatures. These creatures are with a very strong and sensitive sniffing nose and hearing which makes it difficult to skip past them and do evil. They have spiritual eyes and barks anytime they see evil.
  • Parrots: Awww isn't it admiring to see such a creature as your protector?. Parrots are birds with very sensitive hearing. They easily spot evil and give you a hint before it reaches you. They are kept for companionship, security, Parrots have a divine image even in the sight of God. You should try and get one.
  • Owls: You are afraid right?. The owl is an animal that was kept in palaces, prisons, and other security receptions. This creature can spin its neck both clockwise and anti-clockwise to see what is coming. Because of their unique abilities, Owls were chosen by a lot of rich men for security.

So to my cherished readers, what is your suggestion concerning these lovely creatures?.

Thank you so much for having time on my articles, I will be happy to do more if you motivate me to do more for you by commenting, sharing, liking and following me for more interesting stuff.

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