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Secrets About Cats And Dogs That Owners Don't Know

Pets are kept in houses because they're usually not dangerous or hazard to us. The importance of these animals come in twos, usually because of protection or to keep the home company.

In the Ghanaian society, we do think a lot of evil about things as we're also looking at it's bright side. When a bed, being it a parrot, owl, or crow cries deep into the night, it is usually said as a bad omen.

The cat has this ' childish cry ' which makes it more scarier in the night. A child would be a good pet, to salvage all the milk and left overs in the house, and also eliminate mice, but some people believe this animal can see ghosts or spirits in the night.

Man's best friend is the most common pet we know worldwide. They follow us when we're on errands, barks at strangers and act as an alarm call to the owner. Talking about faithfulness, the dog delivers to its owners. But the dog eats things like garbage, filth and even faeces. They represent the dirty part of a dog's symbolism.

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