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Days After He Was Seen Eating Frog & Noodles, See What He Was Doing To This Monkey

Days After He Was Seen Eating Frog & Noodles, See What He Was Doing To This Monkey

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Papy water is commonly seen around a green pool, often to cook its peculiar delicacies. He has a great deal of faith in nature and animal identification. Its aim is to create a safe environment and to feel loved by animals.

Due to his love of life and animals, he reads various animal kinds of snakes, frogs, rhabbits, tortoises, fish, chickens and even monkey.

Papy waters or primitive men have animal names, as their friends call them lovingly. One of those animals is the monkey he named Monica. He shared on Facebook lately and Monica shows live broadcast live to his friends.

Monica drinking soft drink

Rocking Monica to sleep

Monica finally asleep

The only thing a monkey wants to eat is widely thought of as bananas. But Monica has shown that most of the meals a man eats doesn't eat. Tomatoes, onions, concubines, cocoon and soft drinks are all here.

You will certainly ask what is being done by Monica, his pet monkey. Apart from the spoilful monica, the papy water was bathed by Monica with food and delicious things. Yes, you read it right. You read it right. You've read it correctly. You have properly read it. As he saw frog and noodles eating on Facebook, he saw a monk and a monk bathing just like you wash your dogs.

I'm still yet to believe that a Nigerian man has such time to do this. 

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