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Brother Love: The Boy Who Put His Life on the Line to Save His Sister

6 year old Bridger Walker is a true hero for his selfless deed. He was out with his 4 year old sister when a German shepherd charged at her in the neighborhood. 

The little boy stood up to the danger and placed himself between the dog and his sister to become a victim of the impending doom. The dog pounced on him and inflicted serious wounds on his face. 

After breaking free from the dog, he took his sister by the hand and ran away to safety. 

When the news of his heroics broke, a number of Hollywood stars including Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo reached out to him. 

For a little child to put the welfare of another person before his deserves praise. This is a very selfless act in a world where selfishness is the order of the day. He deserves the respect all humanity. 

Doctors tried their best to repair his injury with minimal scar. The little hero has regained his smile and had won the hearts of many. We can all be like him.

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