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Dreaming Of Seeing Chained Animal -Evangelist Prince Adu-Asare explains

To see animals in your dream symbolize difficulty, hardship and troubles. Chained animals could represent some powers trying to hold you back. This type of dream reveals the activities of household enemies against your progress. Every time you see a chained animal in your dream, it is telling you that your stars have been tied down through problems, sickness, and poverty. And it takes the grace of God to deliver you from your enemies.

If you encounter two animals being chained down, kindly go for deliverance with immediate effect. Because it foretells that you cannot make progress or record good success in life. You are feeling tied down to your circumstances and are no longer sure whether you can become somebody in life. If you are you see a goat, dog chained or tossed around by a person, it shows a particular person has been in charge of your delay, wasted opportunities, losses and that it will take some enormous effort to receive freedom.

It is much more difficult to escape except the power of God come down and loose the chain ropes. Kindly read Matthew 18:18. Go on 3 days prayers and fasting between 6am to 6pm.

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