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All That You Need To Know About Royal Palm Turkeys

Royal Palm turkeys are a breed of domestic turkeys primarily meant for an ornamental and exhibition variety. Their country of origin is the United Kingdom and they are not uncommon.

Royal Palm turkeys are far too small to be used for commercial meat production although some smaller scale farms will raise them for meat. They have a unique and very beautiful appearance. They are relatively smaller sized birds and largely white in color with bands of metallic black on the edges of their feathers. The tail of the Royal Palm turkey is pure white. Their head, throat and wattles are red and the beak is horn-colored. Their saddles are black and the shanks and toes are deep pink. Their average weight is between 5 to 7.5 kilograms, making them easier to handle.

Royal Palm turkeys are active, thrifty and excellent foragers. They eat a lot more than chickens and guinea fowls. You can train them to eat out of your hand with dried mealworms and millet seeds. They also love treats like grapes, romaine lettuce and cabbage. They are also very good flyers. The toms are noted for being non-aggressive and the hens are particularly very good mothers. The hens lay pale cream to medium brown eggs with spotting. Female Royal Palm turkeys lay 100 eggs per year.

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