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Meet The 8-Year-Old Dog Who Inherited 5 Million Dollars From Its Deceased Owner

Lulu, the Tennessee dog who inherited 5 million dollars.

Lulu, an 8-year-old dog is 5 million dollars richer, after it inherited the money of its owner, who died recently.

The owner of this lucky dog was a businessman and prior to his death, he had indicated in his will that when he dies, his money should be given to his pet, which happens to be the dog in the picture above.

Bill Doris, the deceased businessman, left; Lulu the pet, right.

The deceased owner of the dog, Bill Doris, who happens to be a business man from Nashville died at age, 84 in 2020.

Martha Burton, who was the neighbour of the deceased businessman revealed in an interview that Bill really loved his dog, hence she is not surprised that Bill asked that his money should be given to his pet.

Lulu, the 8-year-old pet of the late Bill Doris.

Meanwhile, Martha pledged that she would take good care of Lulu, the dog, and she will do that with pleasure.

If you were to be the businessman, would you have willed your money to your pet?

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