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Believe it or not. A dog mating with a chicken.

Very few would believe their eyes if they were presented with the spectacle of a dog mating with a hen.

The dog and chicken stuck.

A dog by some trick of nature imposed itself on a chicken and mounted her. After going through the motions of mating with its "female" it came stuck within the chicken and several attempts to separate the two animals proved unsuccessful.

Trying to get them unstuck.

Dogs normally remain stuck after mating called tieing or locking. The bulbus glandis in male dogs swell and forms a knot inside the female vagina in the third phase of canine mating, effectively locking them together. This tie is supposed to ensure the semen of the male dog is secured within the female dog. The situation lasts for between 10-15 minutes in majority of cases.

Two dogs stuck.

Being a natural sequence of mating in dogs it is incomprehensible that same would occur in an uncarnal knowledge of a dog and chicken.

Still stuck.

Is it that nature is evolving?. Perhaps the dog took a fancy to the chicken while it was on heat. It could also be the inexperienced dog only experimented and therefore this spectacle. Whatever it is, nature throws a few surprises at us once a while.

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