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For your own spiritual safety, rear at least one domestic animal like cat, dog, fowl or sheep.

Animal rearing has both economic and spiritual benefits. Many people only look at the economic significance and ignore the spiritual aspect. If you want to ensure your spiritual safety, then it is advisable to keep at least one domestic animal in your home.

According to the holy bible, animals have souls just like human beings. But humans have spirit which animals lack. But we understand that, it is the soul of man that dies.

Spiritually, if you keep any animal in your home, you are feeding the soul of that animal.In a matter of time, when your own soul offends a higher power and deserves punishment by death, any of the animals in your home can substitute it's own life for yours and save you from the impending danger. In that case, any of the animals could die suddenly without showing any signs of illness. When it happens like that, you must not worry so much over the lost of that animal. It may be a perfect substitute to save your own life.

There is this oral story of a man who reared several sheep in his house. One day, a car knocked two of his sheep and killed them instantly. But this old man had two beautiful daughters who were in their final year at the university. In the second semester of their final year, four friends including the two daughters of the sheep farmer travelled to a beach side to entertained themselves after submitting their dissertation. While swimming, the four friends got drowned. However, the two daughters of the man disclosed that, somebody pulled them from the bottom of the sea and seated them at the back of two sheep who swam them to the shore. Even though nobody saw the sheep, the girls strongly affirmed that, the two sheep save their lives. The other two friend sadly lost their lives. This is just an oral story. It could however carry some element of truth to buttress the fact that keeping of animals has a spiritual significance besides the economic and commercial value.

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