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"A wise cat that cares about tomorrow does not eat a Pregnant mouse"- Prophet Nigel Gaisie advices

The youth of today are finding any means to become rich without any work done. They involves themselves in criminal activities such as money doubling, scamming, and even can kill human for money rituals. They sometimes feel lazy in planning for many years to fetch their riches but rather adopt the easiest way for their wealth.

Life they say is not easy but it needs more time of planning in other to achieve your ambition. True life is about tomorrow not today, becareful about how you go about your things today, because tommorrow is what really matters not today.

The Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel Prophet Nigel Gaisie advices Ghanaians to start thinking tommorrow and not today because all these things are vanity upon vanity, and it won't last forever so be wise and plan for future.

He took to social media and asked God favour and blessing for those who wait upon the lord. The words from the Nation's Prophet is very powerful if the youth are ready to listen and abide by them. Blessing shall follow them wherever they are.

Below is the post.

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Nigel Gaisie Prophetic Hill Chapel


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