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I Am Replacing My Love For Humans With A New Found Love For A Dog Says Ugandan Woman

A Ugandan woman has gone viral after she posted on Facebook about her new found love for dog instead of human beings.

Stella Nyanzi who is also a Human Rights activist noted that her reason for now loving a dog was because of the disappointments she has gotten from human beings.

According to Zambia Reports which shared the news on its Facebook page highlighted the woman's statement where she made her thought known.

In the statement, Nyanzi was quoted as saying that she has replaced her love for humans for a new found handsome dog called Freddie. Though she noted to have had dogs before but said they were all guard dogs and not friends and as such she is now friending Freddie whom she will invest all her adult love and adult care to.

The statement also quoted her as saying that she lost two people who were very close to her in the last few days. One was her lover who she said questioned her loyalty to the liberation struggle in Uganda. And the second was a woman she had trusted enough to introduce to her children, as she regretted revealing her secrets to.

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