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Features of a typical Ghanaian folktale.

There are some set of values which is considered worthwhile and essential for culture preservation and as result, folktakes can't be left out.

In Ghana, folktales are often used as a tool for sharing and preserving collective experience. When you were a child, what was your most loved bedtime story, mine was the "kwaku Ananse" tales.  Folktales form part of Ghana's oral tradition that's been passed down from generation to generation and they were meant to hand down knowledge.

Ghanaian folktales have changed over time but let's take a look at some of its characteristics. 

1. The main character is kind and jovial but always has a major flaw which is either greed, naivety and pride and as result theses traits are always exploited by the main adversary who is always a trickster.

2. Personification is common in Ghanaian folktales.

Authors use animals and elements of nature in most of their folktales. Animals in folktales demonstrate different virtues of life such as honesty, generosity, tolerance, laziness and selfishness. In addition, animals imagery makes it easier and simple for children to understand due to the simplified nature of animals.

3. The setting is always in rural areas.

Ghanaian folktales always seems to be in the rural areas and it exposes the readers to various landmarks and climate which makes reference to rainy and dry season and their effect on vegetation. 

4. Most of the stories are about striving to to better and not seeking the easiest way to succeed. 

Folktales convey moral lessons to our young ones and the stories involved talk about regardless of how small you are, anybody can achieve success but shouldn't involve the easiest way out or cheating your way through in life.

5. Folktales portray the importance of unity and agreement in the society. 

Unity is depicted as an essential tool for proper development and our folktales talk about coming together to discuss important issues. Without unity there won't be peace so unity is very important in our daily lives.

We must not forget that folktales convey morals and historical issues and as such it is very important to cherish our Ghanaian folktales. 

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