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The richest dog in the world

Upon the death of their owners, some pets have been given millions of dollars.

We adore canines. Almost everybody does. Big dogs, little dogs, yappy dogs, fluffy dogs — we name them pups and puppers, woofers and boofers, pupperinos and cutie-booties, and we enjoy them like no other.

If you ask a dog owner why they love their dogs so much, they'll probably tell you that they have a strong and lasting relationship with them, that they care about them deeply, and that they know their dogs care about them in return, providing them with companionship, love, and undeniable loyalty.

The relationship started—well, no one knows when it started.

Human and dog bones were first interred together 14,000 years ago, although there are several unconfirmed discoveries that are said to be more than twice as old.

The significance of the findings is the greater point: we lived with dogs and then chose to be buried with them.

Gunther III

Gunther, a German shepherd, is the world's wealthiest breed.

Gunther III, a German shepherd, inherited $65 million when his owner, the late German countess Karlotta Liebenstein.

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